Narrative, predictable; Chemistry, hard to swallow; Scenery, priceless!

It is a shame Chris Hemsworth’s shirt was not off more often, because it might have made the drama-less film a little bit more tolerable? Do not get me wrong, I did find the film entertaining, but I just kept cataloguing the films Thor mirrored, such as Hercules (1997), The Lion King (1994), and The Sword in the Stone (1963). Yes, Thor made me think of Disney films. The moral quest to prove your worth to become a God again (Hercules), the hammer being stuck in an elevated rock formation and can only be retrieved by the rightful owner (The Sword in the Stone) and when Thor’s brother, Loki, is hanging off the edge of the Rainbow Bridge I felt a sudden satisfaction feeling like Scar was going to die (The Lion King). Strange I know, but this film was clearly meant to stay animated, whether as a television show or it’s original form, the comic book.

Even though the ‘love’ connection between Natalie Portman and Chris felt completely generic and unbelievable because their romance was poorly constructed I forgive her role in this film because she is absolutely precious. Somehow producers feel the need to include unnecessary relationships…just take the man’s shirt off and people will be happy. We don’t need our eye candy kissing anyone, it sort of ruins the fantasy.

I will conclude by thanking Hemsworth’s trainer and the splendid mud fighting scene. I will sleep well tonight!


One thought on “Thor

  1. It was curious, wasn’t it…that this was an action film with no drama ~ considering that most Marvel characters are flawed personalities (Ironman, Spiderman, the whole Xmen crew)….ah well…at least he looks good.

    It’s unfortunate that they decided not to follow the comic canon that saw our sent not just to earth to be humbled but stuck in a wheelchair to drive home the point…I have to wonder if that is not Hollywood being allergic to making handicapped heroes unless they are also introspective and wise (Charles Xavier). Thor is Ego on a stick so they just ran with half the story and entirely sacrificed the juicy drama for fluff…

    …but my doesn’t that fluff look GOOD with it’s shirt off. 😀

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