The Talented Mr. Ripley

Released Christmas day 1999, The Talented Mr. Ripley was probably not the first choice for holiday struck families, however it did not fail to impress! Watching this film from a contemporary perspective, I could not help but see similarities between this film and Woody Allen’s Match Point (2005). The symbolism of the ring and the man (Matt Damon or Jonathan Rhys Meyers) only just escaping the grasp of the law are two parallels that I find most interesting. Even though they work the same way (the ring revealing to one character the truth behind the leading men’s deceptive murder(s)) the films remain distinct and leave you on the edge of your seat until the final frame.

I also must admit, the Jude Law’s performance in The Talented Mr. Ripley was provocative and engaging, meanwhile Matt Damon manages to maintain his humanity even with his unjust murders. Somehow I found myself in the position of rooting for him to get away scott free, just like Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Match Point. I wonder why this is. Either their acting was superb or I just have a weakness for overtly handsome men. Maybe both? The one thing I do wish was a bit different in Mr. Ripley is the screen time of Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman, because they deserved more of it! I looked forward to their characters appearance because they added another layer to the narrative and distracted me from the (sorry to say this) annoying-ness that is Gwyneth Paltrow (forgive me…I did love you in Sliding Doors and one of my all time favourites Shakespeare in Love). Ultimately my verdict=watch!


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