Adoration: Atom Egoyan

All I can say about the film Adoration (2008) by Canadian director, Atom Egoyan is WOW! I find it hard to believe that up until this point the only film I’d seen by him was the somewhat predictable erotic thriller Chloe (2009), which basically relied on the star power of Liam Neeson, Julian Moore, and Amanda Seyfried. I feel that the strength of Adoration lies in the home-grown talent it employs, rather than the highly sought after stars. The main actors Scott Speedman, Rachel Blanchard, and Devon Bostick are all Canadian talent that deliver an impeccable range of emotions through their performances, ultimately leaving you wanting more. Besides the talent, the construction of the plot leaves you in a position of constant speculation and the narrative does not hesitate to confront one of the most controversial subjects of the past decade, religion and terrorism. The audience cannot hide from the awkward pangs and emotional blows brought on by the numerous perspectives and opinions surrounding this topic. You can no longer remain morally ambiguous and the questions that are raised are those that we all ponder, yet never have the courage to verbalize. My conclusion is rent/buy this film. Every second is worth while and this films proves that a good script can trump a big budget film. However, the trouble is finding these gems among the mounds of pricey, over-advertised blockbusters that drown our society.

Please note, I love a good blockbuster (and am anxiously anticipating this summers attractions). My qualms rest with the fact that these films blind the mass population to other genres within the industry, but as our attention span dwindles I guess no one has the patience to seek out what is not mainstream.


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