Lars Von Trier a Nazi?

Yep. Danish director, Lars Von Trier has been kicked out of Cannes after admitting he sympathized with Hitler and the Nazis.

Trier said at a press conference for his new film Melancholla, “I thought I was a Jew for a long time and was very happy being a Jew,” von Trier explained to a room full of journalists, “then later on came (Jewish and Danish director) Susanne Bier, and then suddenly I wasn’t so happy about being a Jew. No, that was a joke, sorry… But anyway, I really wanted to be a Jew and then I found out I was really a Nazi, you know, because my family was German… which also gave me some pleasure.” (

Meanwhile, poor Kirsten Dunst sits beside him probably feeling the same way Mike Meyers felt when Kanye accused George W. Bush of hating black people on national television. The drama!


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