The Hobbit: Bringing back Bloom

I am so happy to say that my tween obsession will be relived with Peter Jackson’s upcoming film The Hobbit. Not only are we returning to Middle Earth, but they are adding a character to the script that is not in the novel, and for once I am completely okay with this change. I look forward to welcoming Legolas to the cast, otherwise known as Orlando Bloom but I must admit I was a bit distraught when I first saw a picture of him with short brown hair. How could he not have long, silky blonde hair and pointy ears in real life? What a travesty! But the gods are on our side it seems as the ageless Bloom will reprise his elf role. Peter Jackson said that the “Funny thing is, I look older and he doesn’t. I guess that’s why he makes such a wonderful elf!” Oh the elves, how I dreamed I could be one of them when the infamous Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was released. I believe seeing the lengthy film three times wasn’t enough to quench my new fascination with the light-footed wonders.

…I can hear the giddy screams already and no it is not just me…I swear. Thank you Hollywood. For once I do not despise your alteration. Even if the film is horrible (which it clearly won’t be) I will still love it if Legolas just casually enters the frame on a beautiful stallion and pierces my naive heart with one of those beguiling arrows.



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