Happy Birthday, Danny Elfman

"I'm trying to interpret the film through the director's head, but it all comes out through me. So a composer is kind of like a psychic medium."

Oh Danny Elfman, where does one begin to understand your visionary mind and innovative creations. This man has worked with some of the most talented directors in Hollywood, including multiple collaborations with Tim Burton and Gus Van Sant. He is known for having composed the infamous soundtracks for The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993), Beetle Juice (1988), Mission Impossible (1996), Big Fish (2003), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005),  Milk (2008), and Alice in Wonderland (2010). And those are just a few of his incredible pieces. He has also written a few cues for films like Good Will Hunting (1997) and Men in Black (1997). However, even with these amazing film pieces he has yet to win an Academy Award, though he has been nominated 4 times.

He has also composed music for television. You might have heard of the little shows he composed the theme songs for, which includes The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives. He is also a talented singer, as he provides the vocals for Jack in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This man is undeniably accomplished and I look forward to his upcoming work with Burton on the films Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie, which will be released in 2012.

Cheers to another year of brilliant work!


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