Never Released Chaplin Film: “Zepped”

I love when this happens. Someone decides that they have no use for an old tin of film, post it on eBay for less than four Euros, and someone buys it just because they like the look of it! Then, a surprise…like opening a box of cracker jacks and discovering that heart-shaped ring you have been desiring, only this time it’s the quintessential film buff find, a never released silent film by none other than Charlie Chaplin.

You could not make this stuff up! It happened. Morace Park purchased the aged film tin simply because its’ look appealed to him. Upon opening it, he discovered that it contained a seven-minute never released Chaplin film titled Zepped made in 1916. It was created as propaganda in order to reduce fear of the German Zeppelin airship over England during the First World War.

Film intellects throughout the world are excited and baffled by this unlikely discovery. Dr Michael Hammond, lecturer in film at Southampton University, said: “This is a watershed moment in film history,” and I could not agree more! One can only dream to stumble upon such a priceless piece of silent screen history.

This is also a warning to those thinking of selling a useless tin, box, can, etc., that seems useless. Check before you sell!

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