Super 8

Who doesn’t like a film shrouded in secrecy? Although, there is definitely some downfalls to it should the film fail to impress audiences or the fact that most people want to know what they are paying their hard-earned money to see. I don’t think anyone wants to experience what happened with M. Night Shyamalan’s film The Village (2004), which did not live up to its secretive promise. At least the wait is now down to a week to see the new J.J. Abrams directed film Super 8, which has the benefit of having a successful producer (and award-winning director) at the helm, Steven Spielberg. I think these two big show-biz names will be enough to drag in audiences to watch a film that most know little about. It also helps that Abrams was responsible for the astonishing Star Trek film released in 2009, so that fact alone is enough for many people.

The plot outlined for the audience is pretty simple. There are a group of kids in a fictional town of Lillian, Ohio who are making a film and manage to capture a horrific train crash. What we do not know is what happens afterwards and this is where it gets exciting. Now, I know there are a lot of people who shy away from the science-fiction genre, but I think this film has the opportunity to redeem it. Fingers crossed.

Another obstacle that this film might face is that it stars young actors that are not necessarily widely known. I’d say the most recognized one would be the young Elle Fanning, mostly for her resemblance to older sister, Dakota, and she was selected by Sophia Coppola for a role in her last released film, Somewhere. However, I think the fact that the film cast is mostly unrecognized is a positive because sometimes in order for such a unique film to be successful, you can not have highly recognizable faces. It would take away from the mystic of the film and maybe dilute its secrecy. But who are we kidding, this film is really just relying on the prestigious names of Abrams and Spielberg, and I’d say the majority of people trust these guys. If not, well just go look at their credentials and tell me the last time they made something you truly despised. Pretty difficult I’d say.

The young cast making their film within the film.


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