Martin Scorsese


“That was an extraordinary moment when the three of them came out and gave me a look,” Scorsese said later. “We go back. Steven and I go back to 1968-69. Francis, 1970. George, 1970. I just went up to San Francisco to see Francis and his new film, which is quite wonderful, at George’s new theatre. “So they have influenced me. Francis has been like a big brother in my life. Spielberg and Lucas and I have — particularly in that first 10 or 12 years in the 1970s and early ’80s — worked together, really worked together, and helped each other with each other’s films. It’s almost like a private little film school. And to see the three of them walk out and give me a look before they opened the envelope, I was very surprised, very surprised.”

-After winning his first Oscar for Best Director


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