Happy Birthday, Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has achieved an unprecedented amount of success in her three decades here on Earth. I consider her to be the ideal woman, a renaissance female even. Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Natalie changed her surname from Hershlag to Portman for her budding acting career. Her credits include appearing or starring in 32 feature films since her career began in 1994 with the film Leon (starring alongside talented French actor Jean Reno) and she won her first Academy Award for her performance in Black Swan (also nominated in 2004 for Closer), she has done numerous ad campaigns (the most recent being for Dior), she is an advocate for animal rights and lives a vegan lifestyle, and her Alma Mater is Harvard University…let’s pause and take this in. Yes, she is human…I think?

What I admire most about her is the versatility of her acting roles. My favourite performance was her character Evie in V for Vendetta. This movie constantly blows me away and I admire that Portman actually shaved her head for the role, and because she is perfect she managed to look ridiculously gorgeous sans hair. I also enjoyed her portrayal as Alice in Closer just because she is so complex! You pick up something new every time you watch it and you can not help but fall in lust with her innocent demeanour but also highly deceiving nature.

Anyways, she appears to be the perfect woman and until proven otherwise I will stick with this flawless perception of her.


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