Morgan Freeman receives the 39th AFI Award

My husband, Morgan Freeman, has finally been honoured with the prestigious AFI Life Achievement Award. There is no one more deserving than this man. He has played God, a president, a taxi driver, a convict, Nelson Mandela, and a visually impaired boxing trainer (in Million Dollar Baby for which he finally won the Academy Award), and behind these roles is a humble man from Mississippi. After being presented with the award, Freeman had this to say,

“This is easy to take but hard to believe. Where I come from in Mississippi, they call this walking in high cotton,” he said, “For me, heaven has always been about acting in the movies…I’m proud to be an actor, although for this one night, you’ve made me feel like a star.”

Even Clint Eastwood also had something lovely to say about his Million Dollar Baby co-star gushing that,

“He is the most effortless person to be around and to act. I don’t know if it’s proper to love another man, but this is as close as I’m going to get to it.”

So true Clint, so true.

To watch Freeman receive his award, tune in June 19th on TV Land, and witness a legend in his prime as well as many other established actors, including Eastwood, Tim Robbins, and Forest Whitaker.


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