Happy Birthday, Meryl Streep

A legend in her own mind? Doubtful. A legend for the rest of us? Indeed!

Meryl Streep is the Queen of the silver screen. She is like a fine wine, or George Clooney, which just get better with age. But unlike Clooney, who only really has his looks to fall back on as he seems to only play himself in films, Streep has aged gracefully not only in looks but in her acting roles.

As Stanley Tucci said at the Academy Awards the last time Streep was nominated for Julie and Julia he said something like “Some might consider her the most nominated actress, but I consider her the biggest loser.” She has been nominated 16 times, and awarded the coveted statue twice for her roles in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and Sophie’s Choice (1982). Her first nomination came with her performance in The Deer Hunter (1978) which was surprisingly only her second feature film, and I guess you can say the rest was history.

This woman was born to morph and transform into various characters. Not only can she do dramatic (Sophie’s Choice), but she has done musicals (Mama Mia!), comedy (It’s Complicated), and biography (Julie and Julia). She can also be a notoriously vague and domineering woman, like my favourite role she played in The Devil Wears Prada. She truly is a chameleon of the silver screen and she will without a doubt go down in history with a mythical legend attached to her the way Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn have. However, unlike these actresses, she has managed to find success not only in the movie industry but also personally. We can only hope to emulate a fraction of her prosperity!


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