Adrian Brody as Salvador Dali

I already had a minor obsession with the surrealist artists, but in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (2011) the world got a brief encounter with the enigmatic and unique personality that was Salvador Dali, played by Adrien Brody. I almost wish that he was on-screen more because he was probably one of the most enjoyable characters in the film! It is also kind of eerie how much Brody resembles Dali and managed to portray him the way I envisioned. It almost makes me wish that I could escape to the 1920s, if only for one memorable evening. The only change I would make to Brody’s look is to have Dali’s trademark stash stick out a little more, I feel it was downplayed a little, maybe to have the audience focus more on his exaggerated babble about a new painting inspired by Gil Pender (Owen Wilson), and rhinos!

Interesting fact, did you know that the dream sequence in Hitchcock’s 1945 film Spellbound were actually designed by Dali? How fabulous!

Eccentric and Legendary!


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