I think movies are really the only thing that ignites my desire to momentarily jump forward in time, only because I have become increasingly impatient in waiting for the films I want to see. Maybe if I did not think about how badly I wanted to see them, time would move faster? Oh well, I do not want to think about that.

One of the films that has me all excited is the Avengers (due to be released next summer), which has been getting a lot of promotion this summer with the universal release of maybe too many Marvel hero movies. The anticipation has formally commenced at this years Comic-Con convention in San Diego, as the poster for the film was revealed to promote what is sure to be the blockbuster hit of next summer. Usually the cast will sit down at the event to discuss their project, but since it is SO far away, a teaser poster seemed like the better/crueller option.

Now I sit twidling my fingers and praying that Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, has his shirt off for most of the film…is that too much to ask?

Hey Hollywood. Minimalism is the new chic. Did you not get the memo? Fix this, please.

And Samuel Jackson should definitely be an entertaining character as S.H.I.E.L.D. leader, Nick Fury. This summer is not even over and I already want the next one. I think there is a problem.

Please excuse my choice of words, but Mr. Jackson is Bad-Ass


One thought on “Avengers

  1. Between all the delicious specimens of manliness that will be walking, striding…. roaring across the screen in this film next summer, the film has the potential to cause hormonal riots.

    In spite of the fact that they are almost assured a win win due to not just the female but also hardcore fanboys, I do hope they keep a tight rein on the storyline. They have the characters, actors and the technology to give us a good plot and make an excellent film ~ I hope they don’t drop the ball and just try to do too much and end up with nothing.

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