Into the Wilde

Olivia Wilde hypnotizing the world with those unrivalled almond-shaped eyes.

“…I’m  a ridiculous romantic. I have very high standards for every part of my life-my work, my relationships, food, love. I can’t just pretend.”

“From an early age, it was life a drug for me to be creative and embrace what made me different.”

“I had this unbridled, unfocused, very powerful energy, and acting allowed me to channel it. If I had had other parents, I probably would have been medicated.”

“I’d like to refocus everyone’s attention away from the Kardashians and onto Doctor’s Without Borders or aid workers…Let’s redefine scandal. Scandal is not who so-and-so is dating; scandal is the fact that 1.2 million people are still living in tents in Haiti, and cholera is rampant because the Nepalese U.N. soldiers dumped shit from their Porta-Poties into the river. That’s a fucking scandal.”

-Olivia Wilde in “Marie Claire” August 2011. Images are part of the article.


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