Bryan Greenberg

One of Bryan Greenberg's major theatre roles during his time at NYU was Romeo in the school's production of "Romeo and Juliet." What a divine choice.

If there is anyone that I would like to see make more of a gear shift towards the silver-screen than the small screen, it is Bryan Greenberg. This man is just to beautiful to waste his ‘talent’ on shows like One Tree Hill, October Road, and his current gig How To Make it in America. I found it really hard to believe that he has only appeared in seven feature films, the first one being The Perfect Score (2004), with other up-and-comer Chris Evans (Captain America anyone?) and the newly established adult stardom, Scarlett Johansson who was fresh off her transitioning role Lost in Translation (2003).

Chris Evans and Bryan Greenberg on the set of "The Perfect Score"

It appears that Greenberg has been pigeon-holed in the romantic-comedy genre, with films like Prime (2005), 
Bride Wars (2009) and Friends With Benefits (2011), but he did make a slight turn to the darker side of comedy in the film Nobel Son (2008) with Alan Rickman. I hope he continues to challenge himself this way because I do not want this beauty to be stereo-typed as just a pretty face, I actually want him to showcase his acting chops!

That aside, here are some pictures to reiterate my fascination with this delightful creature.

Dear higher power...thank you.


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