Smoking: How To Make A Bad Habit Look Good

The Art of Looking Fashionably Fierce and Intoxicatingly Attractive with a Cancer Stick in Hand. How do they do it? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that I would still kiss their smokey mouths without any qualms, yes even the ladies. 

These are some of my favourite actors that have made the dainty cigarette an iconic prop through their careers, or have just been told to smoke during a photo shoot. Either way, they somehow manage to make the art of killing yourself a glamorous endeavour. Enjoy!

Brad Pitt

Cate Blanchett

Edward Norton in "Fight Club"

Garrett Hedlund

Johnny Depp

James Franco

Kate Winslet

Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace

Melanie Laurent

Lauren Bacall

Humphrey Bogart

Sean Connery as James Bond

Marlon Brando

Catherine Deneuve

Michael Fassbender

James Dean

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Marlene Dietrich

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Sean Penn

Robert Downey Jr.

Katherine Hepburn

Gaspard Ulliel

Vincent Cassel

Audrey Tautou


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