3D: Will You Ever Leave?

With the successful release of The Lion King in 3D, it did not take long for others to catch on to the money-making trend. I am having a difficult time deciding whether or not these directors or whomever really want their audiences to experience their films through a new clunky, annoying, distracting lens to show off the advancements of technology, or to just exploit it the make their wallets fatter. This is clearly evident with the soon to be released Titanic in 3D. I am trying to ignore the fact that this is the second highest grossing film of all time and 3D is without a doubt not to make the ‘experience’ better, even though it will probably be very exciting, but rather this is just a simple ploy for James Cameron to have Titanic gross more than Avatar. Then when he releases the second Avatar, it will outgross Titanic. He is in competition with himself. Egomaniac or not, there are some benefits though…we get to see the young Leo up close and personal, and Kate Winslet’s breasts for that matter.


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