The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Christmas Movies

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time to avoid the malls so your brain does not melt from the abundance of holiday tunes and curse our consumer culture for making us believe that we need to spend our money on things that we really really “need”. However, I do not discourage watching Christmas films, especially if they are good ones, with good company, and tasty home-baked goodies. So here is my ultimate list of Christmas films that do not torture you the way over decorated malls and repetitive music.

Though there have been many adaptations of this classic novel by Charles Dickens, this is truly the most authentic and accurate portrayal, even if it is animated and was released in 3D. I loathe the third dimension of film, but this film proved me wrong and it has been the only movie released in 3D that made sense!

The Family Stone is an amazing film that encompasses everything a great movie should. It makes you laugh, cry, frustrated, anxious, excited, and uncomfortable, which is what the holiday’s are all about! It makes you truly appreciate the value of this time of year and the importance of spending time with those you love most in this world.

Nothing to say about this film other than it is a classic and reignites the magical belief in Santa Clause. Who doesn’t want to reconnect with their youthful innocence?

Before they went and created the atrocious The Santa Clause 2 & 3, there was the original. This movie makes me giddy just thinking about it! Every time I watch it I believe in the magic of Christmas and how powerful dreams and the imagination can be. Such a lovely film to bring the family together.

Not only does this film bring together the elite of the British film industry, and one of my favourite American actresses, Laura Linney, but it is a super clever romantic comedy that even men will love! You cannot ignore the witty humour spread throughout the film, the layers of heartache and the revival of love. Again, this is a film that has Christmas in the background and the importance of human relationships in the foreground. The message that love truly is all around is hard to ignore with this one. You cannot help but feel moved to tears and laughter from start to finish! Also, the soundtrack is incredible and not your tacky expected Christmas album.

The movie that made Macaulay Culkin a household name and like Matthew Broderick with Ferris Bueller, Culkin will never be separated from this character thanks to John Hughes. It is fun for the whole family and it truly gives kids that confidence that they can outsmart the adults. Who doesn’t want to feel that sort of authority?

Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” is definitely a staple during the holiday season and I doubt there are many people out there under the age of twenty who have not seen it. If you are feeling down and out about this holiday, well this will definitely rev up your spirits! James Stewart is just a god and I’m so glad he is part of my Christmas repertoire.

Last, but definitely not least, Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. If you had to choose only one movie to watch at this time of year, this is it. The whole family can sit down and enjoy this train wreck, appreciating that they have never had to deal with this sort of horrific holiday experience (hopefully). I laugh just thinking about this movie and I have no doubt that it will be watched and enjoyed for years to come!


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