Post Valentine’s Day: Top 5 Films I’m in ‘Love’ With

Yes, the Hallmark day of love is over, but all us singles can take comfort in the fact that all chocolate and candy is on sale today to make our media induced lonely hearts feel better, by increasing our likelihood of being diagnosed with diabetes. That aside, the day of love usually calls for the traditional dinner and a movie, and the man is subjected to the torture of an incredibly tormenting experience with brain melting chick flicks like The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and P.S. I Love You. Though I too am known to fall for these heart wrenching depictions of love that leave you crying shamelessly because you will never find a man this thoughtful (ever), I have decided to share with you my ultimate favourite films centred on the ubiquitous desire of love. From Hollywood happy endings to painfully tragic departures, these stories make me believe in the fortitude of love, while not making me feel as though there is no chance in hell that I will ever find a person as amazing as say, Ryan Gosling, to spend the rest of my life with.

Shakespeare in Love

Watching this film for the first time when I was about ten years old, I just did not understand it. All I knew was that I awkwardly hid my face from seeing Gwyneth Paltrow’s chest as Joseph Fiennes seductively unwrapped her from her masculine disguise. However, now being a bit more mature and educated in the history and language of Shakespeare, I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the most well written love stories to ever grace the silver screen. Seduction, passion, betrayal, deception, and a mandatory departure, this film does not disappoint and makes you believe in the everlasting power of this universally sought emotion.

The English Patient

Probably my favourite love story of all time, this tragic love affair not only destroys your heart and makes you feel utterly hopeless, but it somehow manages to build up a little bit of hope that love transcends time and has the power to transform lives. Though it may be a little slow at times, the true strength of this film rests in the performance of our leading man, Ralph Fiennes, a man with flaws that could exist in our modern society!

500 Days of Summer

The unconventional telling of a love story, edited in a unique way so the audience can see the slow erosion of a young couples romantic journey while juxtaposing it with those beginner feelings of love that flutter and make you feel as though anything is possible. Probably one of the more authentic and faithful interpretations of the modern relationship, this film gives you everything you want from awkward encounters, cute personal jokes, and ultimately the girl being in charge of the fate of their bond. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoey Deschanel are the perfectly handsome and quirky couple that suffer the plights of any relationship that most people can relate to, and though it does not end the way one might hope, for some reason you feel a sense of satisfaction and that “aha!” moment because this whole story is oh so true.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Love love love. Well, what happens when you want to erase a person who made such an incredible impact on your life? This film shows you what happens and really makes you question whether or not you’d want to omit someone from your psyche completely in order to move on. Again, not the traditional fairy tale love story, yet I adore it because it has you ponder deeper questions surrounding this emotion prevalent in everyone’s life. Kate Winslet and Jim Carey are undeniably the perfect odd couple, eccentric enough to be believable as they perform two roles that are incredibly outside their canon of work. That said, my only suggestion is to just watch the film and embrace a contemporary love that may not mimic your own experiences, but that really does not bother you.


Finally, one of the greatest love stories that takes place in Montmartre, just outside Paris, is this incredibly idiosyncratic film which follows the unique life and obsessions of the young French girl, Amelie. The film follows her quest to unite herself with a man whom she has never spoken to but feels as though she knows more about him than he does himself. The endearing ways in which Amelie reaches the man she pines for, while helping other demoralized humans along the way and reuniting them with their belief in love, is truly a mesmerizing experience and feast for the heart. You cannot leave this film without a massive beam smeared across your heart, lifting your spirits to heights you never fathomed possible.


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