21 Jump Street


I know everyone seemed a little skeptical about the film adaptation of the successful television series starring Johnny Depp, which ran from 1987-1991. However, going into the theatre with no expectations, as I am not very familiar with the show, I must admit I left feeling incredibly surprised.

I was not confident in the casting choice of Channing Tatum, because let’s be honest this man should really be in silent feature films so we can just stare at him and not listen to him horribly profess whatever level of love he is feeling for a female co-star. That being said, boy did this man prove my presumptions WRONG. He was utterly hysterical in the film and I am going to base this success on his pairing with a male co-star, Jonah Hill, and the fact that he did not pursue any girl for longer than a nano-second. This, my fellow Tatum fans, is a success.

It has been a while since I literally cried and cackled laughter in the theatre, embarrassing my friend most likely, but I did not give it a second thought. I was down for the count from beginning to end. Even the crude and redundant dick jokes and male on male dry humping, which I would usually consider juvenile comedy, did not impact my feelings about the film. The chemistry between Hill and Tatum is undeniable and I seriously hope these two work together again.

From the accurate portrayal of contemporary high school life, Johnny Depp’s cameo, and the depiction of the various stages of the illegal drug being sold, which both Hill and Tatum are forced to take, sarcastically remarking “Yay, I love taking drugs at school,” this film is the funniest thing since Superbad and I am seriously considering seeing it in theatres again, just so I can accurately recall the plethora of one-liners. This film needs to become a part of every youth’s vocabulary. Let’s replace “McLovin” with “Hey, not so Slim Shady” or whatever line you found abdominal-breakingly funny.

Suave Dave Franco

Also, my new celebrity crush (if only he were not a midget) Dave Franco is lovely to stare at on screen. So if you are not a Tatum fan, you will definitely swoon over James’ little brother.


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