The Hunger Games

Let’s lay out the basics.

12 Districts. A male and female tribute chosen from each. Ages are set at 12-18. Your name is entered into a ballot box. If your name is drawn, you are expected to fight until the death against the tributes chosen from each district in the coveted Hunger Games. Thus, may the odds ever be in your favour.

The premise is simple, yet incredibly disturbing. You cannot help but wonder how possible it is for this to become part of our ever crumbling world. If it did, then what? Teenagers are expected to murder others their age, or younger, to gain fame and glory. I want to vomit. Seriously, this makes me sick and disturbed. However, the film (and novel) sheds light on very important issues and does not let the viewer escape what could potentially be their reality. Children and young adults are killed on a regular basis and not just by accident. Supposedly the premise for the novel stemmed from Suzanne Collins watching a reality show on one channel and then flipping to the news which was covering the Iraq war. This is where reality and fantasy become blurred, and my hope the survival of a peaceful world begins to flicker.

Katniss and Gale

After leaving the screening of The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross, I have to admit I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I was going to be, and not because I am comparing the novel to the film because this is a horrible mindset to have when watching an adaptation. In terms of special effects, including Katniss’ and Peeta’s entrance into the stadium for the opening ceremonies of the games, and the costuming of characters like Effie, played by Elizabeth Banks, and Caesar, acted by Stanley Tucci who is an absolute God, I was rather underwhelmed and felt they looked cheap. However, where this film prospered was in the acting. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were perfectly cast to play the title roles of Katniss and Peeta, and Liam Hemsworth is definitely a delightful man to look at as the face of Gale.

Stanley Tucci as Caesar. This man can really pull off any look.

What I must commend on the director’s part is the way he dealt with the deaths of each young soul. Yes, the died, and no they were not gentle killings, more like a mass slaughtering at times, however there was no real focus on the deaths in that the editing was so abrupt that the viewer was only to catch mere glimpses of blood splattering and children falling to their death. I was thrilled that I did not have to actually see each tribute viciously murdered and the deaths that the audience does see, like Rue’s, well this is more to evoke an emotional response because we get to know her, unlike the others who were simply faces heading to their doom.

Elizabeth Banks as Effie, talking to Katniss after she volunteered to enter the games instead of her sister

All I can do is praise Jennifer Lawrence and shoot down all the hatred being thrown at her about her figure being to “fat” or how there were some unflattering angles giving her a double chin. Are these people serious? Sorry, she is not Angelina Jolie who is 80 pounds soaking wet and unrealistically defeats men three times her size. Let’s get with the new program, the healthy one, where Lawrence’s body is a reflection of training hard, building muscles, and looking like an athlete capable of winning the game she volunteers into. I know there are athletic women everywhere thinking “Damn! That girl looks like me!” Strong legs that can run, jump, and dodge, a bum that doesn’t fit into size 0 tights, and biceps that permit her to climb trees. This my friends, is a real women, or at least a strong woman who many of us wish we could emulate. I seriously cannot get over how attractive she is, I just want to gush forever about it and fight those who are criticizing. Seriously, watch your back.

To end my review, other than to say one must see this film for themselves to make a subjective interpretation of it, rather than relying on what other’s have to say, I will leave you with some exquisite photos of my newly acquired girl crush and two male actors that are almost too attractive to be human.

Seriously though, most attractive people.



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