Titanic 3D

Cue Celine Dion and the ubiquitous one liners of “I’m the king of the world!” “Jack, I’m flying!” “I want you to draw me like one of your French girls,” and the grand gesture of them all “I’ll never let go, Jack.” Yes, Titanic is back and following the trend of 3D re-releasing. However, this one was much different from the others and an experience completely worth a portion of your minimum wage pay check.

Titanic was first released when myself and many of my friends were in elementary school, thus way to young to go see it in the theatres, let alone understand the adult jokes that are strewn throughout once the film actually made its way to VHS (the infamous two disc set that everyone owned). Let’s just say that watching a ship sink on the small screen compared to the big one is a little underwhelming, so watching this incredible timeless film projected in the format it was created for was as experience I will not shortly forget.

To think that this film was released in 1997, 15 years ago, and the technology is still brilliant. I do not know what I would change about it visually and must commend James Cameron on the film he was able to produce before a lot of the technology they now use today was created. Now, translating this old stock into 3D seemed a little silly at first and it was obviously a great marketing ploy, I mean it probably did not take them long to realize that hey, April 15th 2012 is exact 100 years after the ship sank, so we should conveniently have it in the theatres at that time and also market it as a 15 year anniversary since its initial release. Come one, this is simple marketing genius and a way to make more money off the now 2nd highest grossing film of all time (maybe it will surpass Avatar now?). 3D costs money and most people I know, especially broke students with a budget for alcohol and…well, occasions that include alcohol, it is difficult for us to justify this sort of thing especially since it is a movie we can now watch in the comfort of our own home. However, this is wrong wrong WRONG. Everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE must see this movie in the third dimension. There are actually no words to explain how well it works, especially the opening scenes where a crew is moving through the ruins of the ship on the bottom of the ocean floor. You actually feel as though you are inside the ship, doing some sort of unfathomable virtual experience, and the privilege of 3D does not stop here. When you see the ship sink, your heart stops briefly, not just because it is horribly tragic but because what you are experiencing on the screen is so realistic, so authentic, so…true. My diction has now subsided to that of an elementary school girl because there really are not enough appropriate words to express how remarkable it was to see this on the silver screen. I really just want to cry and scream.

The tragic love story of Jack and Rose will never fade, as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are perfection in their roles, beautiful and witty, youthful and idealistic. I thought my tears had dried up from the number of times I have seen this film, but once again I was proven wrong as I morphed into a blubbering teenager torn to pieces by their blossoming young love ending too soon. It made me believe in the power of love, something I thought I had lost touch with, something I truly felt did not exist. But oh it does, if Jack and Rose can be selfless with their feelings for each other on the Titanic, then there must be someone out there who is not a complete fool and will love me for ever fibre of my being. Well, maybe I am just getting ahead of myself. All I can say is I love me a young Leonardo and a voluptuous Kate, making love in the back of a car with the now legendary hand print on the steamed window which I know everyone on the plant has at least tried to recreate once, whether it was on the bathroom mirror after a shower, or on the car window during the winter time, melting the frost with the heat of your hand. If you admit that you have not done this, I do not believe you. There is no shame. Everyone is doing it.

To conclude, I will just profess how from the opening scenes with the soothing instrumentals sending shivers up my spine, to Jack and Rose’s reunion in death aboard the Titanic, I could not take my eyes off the screen. For someone who suffers from incredible attention problems, I did not look at my phone once to see what time it was. Immersed from beginning to end, three hours flew by and left me with tears and the recurring frustration with the old lady throwing the necklace into the ocean. I always hope that somehow this segment miraculously changes and she just gives it to the man looking for it, but I understand the great meaning behind it in that the necklace was supposed to go down with the ship, and now Rose can rest peacefully for eternity knowing that she and this giant diamond have returned to their destined places.



One thought on “Titanic 3D

  1. Omg! I am so happy that you finally got to see it on the big screen! Seriously… I remember the first time I saw it in theaters down to the row number I was sitting in. It was that magical. Awesome review!

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