Best French Movies

In celebration of my current travels, I going to suggest some must watch French films that are not only mandatory to watch, but will impact your life without your consent, in a good way of course.

Breathless: The epitome of romance, humour, betrayal, innovation, and effortless glamour.

Les Choristes: If you watch this film and hum yourself to sleep at night and feel like some inner part of your soul (that you didn’t know existed) has been impacted, then you got the movie. If not, I’d really question your existence. Carbon based? Probably not.

Amelie: One of the most outlandish, wittiest, and most delightful film you’ll ever watch. So idiosyncratic in style and technique, plus it made Audrey Tautou a star.

A Very Long Engagement: This will pull at your heart, each string, tearing at them, then mending them. Such a beautiful love story, I dare you to find one to compete with it.

A Prophet: Seriously bad ass. Watch it. Love it. Not your quintessential beautiful romantic french film, but still incredibly entertaining and unpretentious.

The Orpheus Trilogy: It will seriously change you. Groundbreaking, expressive, imaginative, and engaging.

400 Blows: Yes, this is at the top of most French film lists, and it has the right to be there. Not sure what film will ever beat out this one, if it is even possible.

Summer Hours: Seriously one of my favourite French films ever. It is so personal, authentic, and emotionally poignant. Everyone’s family can relate to the dynamics of this one is some form or other and it is a beautiful portrayal of how life works through the inevitable.


Micmacs: Such a fun film! So eccentric and unorthodox in terms of narrative and such a joy to watch. No doubt you will be entertained.


And there you have it. My list of some must see French films, touching on most genres showing you that France is not a one trick pony as people usually associate the nation with art films, which is somewhat true as they do not venture onto America’s blockbuster territory. French cinema should stay where it is, as there is no need to challenge any other nation because the birthplace of film has the monopoly on this industry in terms of creativity and dedication to the craft.

Are there any French films you have seen and loved missing from this list? Let me know! I would love to watch them!


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