Taylor Kitsch: Pretty to Look at Young Blood Canadian Action Star

Dear followers, I know I seem to have neglected a prime piece of Canadian acting real estate in the being that is Taylor Kitsch. Yes, I have been singing the praises of Aaron Johnson and his role in the just released Oliver Stone film Savages (2012) but now it is time to give some well deserved attention to Blake Lively’s second on-screen boyfriend in the film.

With Blake Lively in “Savages”

From humble Kelowna, British Columbia beginnings, this rising film commodity started out as an Abercrombie and Fitch model (surprised?) and found international acclaim in the television series Friday Night Lights, which till this day is one of my favourite shows that was not on HBO. With modest roles in films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Bang Bang Club (2010), 2012 has definitely been his year in terms of solidifying him as an action star and heart-throb for women and tweens everywhere. With John Carter and now Savages, as well as Battleship, Kitsch is an actor that probably won’t go anywhere but up anytime soon, as long as he keeps hitting the gym and doesn’t somehow disfigure his face. Do I think he is the greatest actor? No. But I do believe he has the potential to be, so here’s to our Canadian boy and wishing his beautiful self nothing but success and a substantial career that will not be cut short once his looks fade away. Until then, here are some pictures to keep your heart beating and encouraging you to invest your hard-earned dollars in his films.

In “John Carter”

Do you work out?


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