Anne Hathaway’s “Havoc”

So, "Savages" stole this poster concept...typical Hollywood

So, “Savages” stole this poster concept…typical Hollywood

Before there was Les Mis and an Academy Award, there was just a little girl who dreamed a dream of portraying a wigger. Directed by Barbara Kopple, Havoc (2005) is an attempt to illustrate gang culture in LA with nice white girls constantly flirting with rebellion to feel something “real.” Too much money, no interest in anything but going out, and whiter than white skin? Well, the only solution to this plight is to get wasted, do every drug possible, and then try to join a Mexican crew because it is definitely the cool thing to do. I mean, how DOWN is that?

Do you like want something Anne?

Do you, like, want something Anne?

Since its release I have actually watched it a number of times because it is actually not as weird/bad as it sounds,  but with it resurfacing in my vast DVD collection, my decision to re-experience is was mainly to see Anne as a neglected, rich white girl trying to act “gangstah.” If you are not intrigued yet to experience her alter ego in this movie (considering she in now a pixie cut angel who poops glitter and sunshine), then maybe a stoned Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I completely forgot was in this) and little pop-ups of a pre-famous Channing Tatum will ignite your fire for this gangster culture film.

Serious actor status

Serious actor status

I am going to be honest though. I have no real insight to provide about this film. This post is simply just to remind you or perhaps bring to your attention the hilarity of Anne “the nicest human alive” Hathaway playing a trashier than trash white girl, who says the N-word, recites multiple rap lyrics like a pro, has a lot of sex, gets arrested, and yet somehow I believe her. Do you? Please watch this and tell me your reaction because all I can think of is her contrived acceptance speeches at every award show earlier this year. This movie reminded me that the girl has a sexy bad-ass side of her…and I like it (and not just because her character’s name is Ali).

Channing and Levitt just chillen in the background

Channing and Levitt just chillen in the background


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